StarAid Revolution

Stand-alone autoguiding revolutionised

Just plug in and start guiding

No configuration

  • Autoguiding starts automatically as soon as you power on your StarAid.  Point your telescope anywhere in the sky, and StarAid will find multiple guide stars. Even under a full moon or in a rich star cloud in the milky way under pristine skies.
  • No laptop or any other device needed
  • Guiding automatically resumes when clouds pass by or when you move your mount to a new location

Accurate and fast tracking for the best image quality


  • Recognises and tracks 1 to 20 stars simultaneously
  • Advanced, high performance proprietary star recognition and centering algorithm
  • Guiding accuracy not affected by mount backlash
  • Up to 30% sharper photos
  • Sends up to 5 corrections per second (5Hz) to the mount to minimise drift effects and correct some of the seeing (5Hz)
  • Finishes mount calibration in 4-30 seconds

Automatically optimised guiding parameters

Let AI do the tedious work

  • StarAid automatically monitors the seeing conditions and the mount response
  • It uses Artificial Intelligence to find the optimal guide parameters

Live LED status feedback

Always know what StarAid is doing
  • LEDs indicate the status of guiding, warnings or errors
  • Different patterns for specific actions
  • No need to connect your laptop or phone
  • Adjust their brightness or turn them off completely from the StarAid App

No laptop needed

Travel lightweight

Free built-in StarAid App to access extras

Even though StarAid autoguiding is fully autonomous, and requires no additional device, there is a handy StarAid App available to access advanced functionality:

  • Monitor the status of autoguiding.
  • Super easy polar alignment.
  • Automatic plate-solving (“Sky Recognition”)
  • Live view to help you focus your StarAid.

Use it with any device

  • Access and use the app on your smartphone, computer or tablet
  • Works without Internet
  • Connect your device via StarAid’s built-in wifi or the provided USB cable

Accurate polar alignment within 30 seconds

Save time and effort

Point up and start alignment with a tap in your app

  • Just point your telescope anywhere in the sky. StarAid will tell you how to set your mount.
  • No need to see the celestial pole from your location
  • Works just as well in the Southern as in the Northern hemisphere.
  • High accuracy: typically ~ 30” within about 2 minutes
  • All mounts with adjustable screws or knobs are supported (even single-axis tracking platforms).

Automatic platesolving
within 2 seconds

Save time and effort

Star field recognition speeds of StarAid with a 200mm guide scope. The colors denote solution time in seconds. The dark blue, unsolved areas align with the plane of the Milky Way. In most cases, the actual solve time is less than 1 second.

Sky Recognition: advanced plate-solving

  • The Sky Recognition functionality recognises 96% of all locations within 2 seconds (under clear skies, without moonlight)
  • Start it with a tap from your StarAid App
  • No Internet needed
  • Check the coordinates in the app, and enter it in your mount to use it for GOTO

All modern mounts supported

Tested on several models

  • All mounts with an ST-4 compatible guide port are supported.
  • Tested on the following mounts and mount types:
    • All mounts with Astro-Elektronik FS-2 control system
    • Astro-Physics 1100
    • Astro-Physics1200
    • Astro-Physics Mach1
    • Astro-Physics models with GTOCP v2, v3 and v4
    • Celestron AVX
    • Losmandy GM-8 with original DDS
    • Meade FORK mount
    • SkyWatcher EQ5
    • SkyWatcher EQ6
    • Vixen Super Polaris types with BoxDorfer MTS-3 kit
  • Can be used with Losmandy DDS control box

The stars are beautiful. Your time is precious. Make the most of both.