Make sure that your software is up-to-date

In order to install the latest software, follow these steps:

(1) Download the latest software version on your PC or mobile device.
(2) Connect StarAid to the same PC or mobile device. Use WiFi or the supplied USB cable.
(3) Open the Web App via one of the following URLs:
(4) Click on the menu icon (three bars) in the upper-left corner.
(5) Select Software update (or Settings -> Software update on older versions).
(6) Update the device with the downloaded swu file by following the instructions in the App: Click here, or drag and drop a software update image file to this area.
(7) Wait for the software update to complete.

That’s it!

Releases and known issues

2020-03-31 – Software release v1.4.3

Download v1.4.3


  • WiFi connectivity: Reverted automatic channel selection for WiFi. This improves connection stability for some mobile phones.

2020-03-15 – Software release v1.4.1

Download v1.4.1


  • WiFi connectivity: We added automatic channel selection for WiFi. You can now expect a more robust connection between StarAid and your mobile device.
  • Diagnostics: The StarAid Web App now provides clear feedback for unstable or lost connections.
  • Downgrade robustness: We made sure that you can always safely downgrade to a previous software version.

2020-02-05 – Software release v1.3.3

Download v1.3.3


  • Guiding: Fixes frequent re-scaling of guide graphs after sky recognition.

2020-01-20 – Software release v1.3.2

Download v1.3.2


  • Polar Alignment: Give additional feedback during adjustment phase
  • Polar Alignment: Fixes a bug introduced in v1.3.1 (please update)

2019-01-18 – Software release v1.3.1


  • Calibration: Fixes some (long-standing) issues resulting in calibration not working, or calibrating when it shouldn’t (during Polar Alignment).
  • Settings: Fixes issue (since v1.3.0) where setting focal length didn’t have effect until after restart.
  • Note: please update to v1.3.2 due to a regression in Polar Alignment adjustment phase.

2019-01-16 – Software release v1.3.0

Download v1.3.0


  • Sky recognition: Solid improvements all over! Expect vastly improved reliability in sparse star fields, faster fixes in dense star fields, and the dreaded Sky Recognition “internal error” to be a thing of the past.
  • Polar alignment: Becomes more robust with all the sky recognition improvements.

2019-12-28 – Software release v1.2.3

Download v1.2.3


  • Polar Alignment: Our biggest update in a while! Expect improved repeatability and measurement options for the perfectionists: You get to decide whether you just want to start taking subs as quickly as possible, or get the best possible polar alignment.
  • Settings: Manual geolocation entry received a well-deserved usability improvement.

2019-10-25 – Software release v1.2.2

Download v1.2.2


  • Improved WiFi connection stability for iOS 13.x.
  • Robust log downloading for iOS 13.x.

2019-10-24 – Software release v1.2.1

Download v1.2.1


  • Dark-mode: Most of you voted for StarAid to embrace the dark-side in our September poll. Arranged it is! The App now provides a stylish black background with subtle hints of red, orange and grey where information needs to be presented. This long sought-after change totally respects your night vision.
  • Captive Portal for Android: Some Android devices are so addicted to the Internet that they didn’t like communicating with StarAid. To get these devices to play nice, we gave StarAid Internet-colored camouflage. If your StarAid WiFi connection asks you to “sign-in” for Internet, please click on it and follow the displayed instructions.
  • Sky Recognition Improvements: We dug really deep for the right parameters and improved the Sky Recognition performance and reliability. We will continue the improvements in the next release.
  • Problem Reporting: When you see StarAid doing something you did not expect, you can now easily call on support from within the App. This helps you send us the right information so that we can solve things fast! Just click on the menu icon (three bars), then Support and follow the instructions.

2019-09-21 – Software release v1.1.0

Download v1.1.0


  • Adds new feature: auto-exposure!
    This feature removes the need to control shutter/gain yourself in order to get the live-view properly exposed.
    Note: this only matters for the live-view. Autoguiding is in no way affected.
  • Live-view default gamma 1.0 and quality 80% to give a more natural image
  • Software Update has been moved from the settings page to the panel menu

2019-08-29 – Software release v1.0.10

Download v1.0.10


  • Support for legacy Losmandy DDS drive boxes found on the GM-8 and GM-11 mounts
    Note: due to hardware differences, a new splitter is required. Please contact us for more information.

2019-07-30 – Software release v1.0.9

Download v1.0.9


  • Stability improvements.
  • Single-click raw FITS image download from Live View.
  • Single-click support log download from Support page.

2019-07-27 – Software release v1.0.7

Download v1.0.7


  • Improved Polar Alignment usability and reliability.
  • Added raw FITS image download from Live View.
  • Improved support diagnostics.

2019-07-02 – Software release v1.0.6

Download v1.0.6


  • Improved star detection – typically 2 to 3 times more stars detected compared to previous versions.
  • Improved Sky recognition under twilight conditions.
  • Improved Polar alignment under twilight conditions.
  • Support for single-axis (RE only) guiding.

2019-05-29 – Software release v1.0.5

Download v1.0.5


  • Live view is activated only when auto-guiding is turned off. Sensor settings used in live-view do not affect auto-guiding when turned on again.
  • Sky recognition improvements with better fixes with less stars (works better in dusk/dawn situations)
  • Polar alignment support for southern hemisphere
  • Polar alignment live correction feedback improved. 
  •  Polar alignment (temporarily for this release) measurement time increased to 120s (fixed) to reduce the effect of the mount’s periodic error
  • Sky recognition now stores the detected focal length of the guide optics in the settings menu under ‘optics’ for faster initial fix after power-on. If the optics change, the focal length setting can be manually adjusted, or, it is automatically reset after 3 recognition failures.  

2019-05-10 – Known issue
Software version V1.0.0

  • Description: Live-view too bright, unresponsive when used in daylight.
  • Workaround: Press “stop” button before accessing the live view page. This stops the autoguider, which can be enabled afterwards with the “Guide/play” button.
  • Planned fix: First upcoming software release.