Make sure that your software is up-to-date

In order to install the latest software, follow these steps:

(1) Download the latest software version.
(2) Connect StarAid to your PC or laptop.
(3) Open the Web App via one of the following URLs:
(4) Click on the menu icon (three bars) in the upper-left corner.
(5) Select Software update (or Settings -> Software update on older versions).
(6) Update the device with the downloaded swu file by following the instructions in the App: Click here, or drag and drop a software update image file to this area.
(7) Wait for the software update to complete.

That’s it!


Releases and known issues

2019-09-21 – Software release v1.1.0

Download v1.1.0


  • Adds new feature: auto-exposure!
    This feature removes the need to control shutter/gain yourself in order to get the live-view properly exposed.
    Note: this only matters for the live-view. Autoguiding is in no way affected.
  • Live-view default gamma 1.0 and quality 80% to give a more natural image
  • Software Update has been moved from the settings page to the panel menu

2019-08-29 – Software release v1.0.10

Download v1.0.10


  • Support for legacy Losmandy DDS drive boxes found on the GM-8 and GM-11 mounts
    Note: due to hardware differences, a new splitter is required. Please contact us for more information.

2019-07-30 – Software release v1.0.9

Download v1.0.9


  • Stability improvements.
  • Single-click raw FITS image download from Live View.
  • Single-click support log download from Support page.

2019-07-27 – Software release v1.0.7

Download v1.0.7


  • Improved Polar Alignment usability and reliability.
  • Added raw FITS image download from Live View.
  • Improved support diagnostics.

2019-07-02 – Software release v1.0.6

Download v1.0.6


  • Improved star detection – typically 2 to 3 times more stars detected compared to previous versions.
  • Improved Sky recognition under twilight conditions.
  • Improved Polar alignment under twilight conditions.
  • Support for single-axis (RE only) guiding.

2019-05-29 – Software release v1.0.5

Download v1.0.5


  • Live view is activated only when auto-guiding is turned off. Sensor settings used in live-view do not affect auto-guiding when turned on again.
  • Sky recognition improvements with better fixes with less stars (works better in dusk/dawn situations)
  • Polar alignment support for southern hemisphere
  • Polar alignment live correction feedback improved. 
  •  Polar alignment (temporarily for this release) measurement time increased to 120s (fixed) to reduce the effect of the mount’s periodic error
  • Sky recognition now stores the detected focal length of the guide optics in the settings menu under ‘optics’ for faster initial fix after power-on. If the optics change, the focal length setting can be manually adjusted, or, it is automatically reset after 3 recognition failures.  

2019-05-10 – Known issue
Software version V1.0.0

  • Description: Live-view too bright, unresponsive when used in daylight.
  • Workaround: Press “stop” button before accessing the live view page. This stops the autoguider, which can be enabled afterwards with the “Guide/play” button.
  • Planned fix: First upcoming software release.