Make sure that your software is up-to-date

In order to install the latest software, follow these steps:

(1) Download the software release you want to install
(2) Connect StarAid to your PC or laptop
(3) Open the settings menu
(4) The currently installed software version is displayed (v….)
(5) Drag & drop the downloaded software release, or click the button and select the software release to install. 

That’s it!


Releases and known issues

2019-07-30 – Software release v1.0.9

Download v1.0.9


  • Stability improvements.
  • Single-click raw FITS image download from Live View.
  • Single-click support log download from Support page.

2019-07-27 – Software release v1.0.7

Download v1.0.7


  • Improved Polar Alignment usability and reliability.
  • Added raw FITS image download from Live View.
  • Improved support diagnostics.

2019-07-02 – Software release v1.0.6

Download v1.0.6


  • Improved star detection – typically 2 to 3 times more stars detected compared to previous versions.
  • Improved Sky recognition under twilight conditions.
  • Improved Polar alignment under twilight conditions.
  • Support for single-axis (RE only) guiding.

2019-05-29 – Software release v1.0.5

Download v1.0.5


  • Live view is activated only when auto-guiding is turned off. Sensor settings used in live-view do not affect auto-guiding when turned on again.
  • Sky recognition improvements with better fixes with less stars (works better in dusk/dawn situations)
  • Polar alignment support for southern hemisphere
  • Polar alignment live correction feedback improved. 
  •  Polar alignment (temporarily for this release) measurement time increased to 120s (fixed) to reduce the effect of the mount’s periodic error
  • Sky recognition now stores the detected focal length of the guide optics in the settings menu under ‘optics’ for faster initial fix after power-on. If the optics change, the focal length setting can be manually adjusted, or, it is automatically reset after 3 recognition failures.  

2019-05-10 – Known issue
Software version V1.0.0

  • Description: Live-view too bright, unresponsive when used in daylight.
  • Workaround: Press “stop” button before accessing the live view page. This stops the autoguider, which can be enabled afterwards with the “Guide/play” button.
  • Planned fix: First upcoming software release.